Younger Workers Demand Video as a Communication Tool

Nathan Eddy | | Employee Communications

younger employeesWe found this interesting article published by eWeek about the need for video as a communication tool for employees, especially for younger workers. ​ ​

Almost two-thirds of respondents said their employers could make better use of live video, pointing to collaboration and training as examples. Although 85% of employees use video as part of their everyday lives, only 28% say their employers are proactively encouraging them to use video at work to communicate, according to a BlueJeans survey of 4,000 employees across the US, UK, Germany and France. The majority (72%) said they feel that live video has the power to transform the way they communicate at work and 69% believe increased use of video conversations would help employee retention at all levels within the organization. The survey found that only one in seven (14%) employers were considered good at providing communications tools at work that mirror what employees use at home.

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