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Online Video Production Services and Pricing for Marketing, Websites and Training

Flimp Media offers a full range of video production services and pricing options for B2B, B2C, corporate and HR needs. Whatever type of video you need produced—whether for corporate branding, explaining concepts and products, direct marketing, lead generation/nurturing, website/search engine optimization, email marketing/promotions, press outreach, employee education and/or communications—we have the production experience, talent and expertise to convey your message effectively. We’ve created all styles of videos, including animated explainers, 2D and 3D motion graphics, testimonials, training presentations, live action, demonstrations, aerial and virtual tours and employee benefits. You name it, we’ve done it!

Each project is managed by a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced project manager who works with you through each step of the creative process to ensure your objectives are met and that your video is delivered on time and within budget. All new customers receive FREE video hosting, encoding, tracking and website embedding services. All videos we produce are 100% owned by the customer once approved and paid. We retain source files for backup and future editing needs. To see a collection of client examples in our video galleries, click the buttons below.

At Flimp, every video is designed and centered around our client's needs and budget. When scoping a project, a Flimp representative works closely with you to assess the best approach to achieve an engaging video of the highest quality to meet your objectives. Our per-video pricing includes everything needed to ensure a smooth, hassle-free production process from start to finish. Because transparency is a big part of our company philosophy, we choose to list our video pricing guidelines broken down by service directly on our website. For a custom, comprehensive quote, please call Jesse Albro at 1.508.686.2802.

Video Production and Creative Services
Post-Production Video Editing $125 per hour
Video and Audio File Encoding, Transcoding and Resizing $50 per hour
Professional Graphic Design and Web Programming $75 per hour
Professional Spokesperson Filming $750 per minute
Professional Voice Over Recording $500 per 2-minute script
Click here to listen to our male and female voice over audio demos. Foreign language demos available upon request.
Click here to see a sampling of our professional spokesperson actors.

Video Production Services By Production Type
Aerial Shoots:
Helicopter Aerial Footage Starting at $2,000
Drone Aerial Footage Starting at $1,500
Custom Animation and Explainer Videos:
2D Motion Graphic Video Starting at $2,500 per minute
3D Motion Graphic and Virtual Tour Video Starting at $4,000 per minute
Moving Image Presentation Videos Starting at $200 per minute
PPT-to-Video Conversion with Voice Over Starting at $200 per minute
Whiteboard Animation Video Starting at $1,500 per minute
Benefits and HR Communications Videos:
Custom and Semi-Custom Employee Benefits Videos Starting at $1,500 per minute
HR Benefits Educational Video Library (Spanish available)
Customizable 1-2 minute videos that explain benefits-related topics (CDHP, FSA, etc.)
Contact us for license pricing
PPT Benefits and Training Educational Videos with Voice Over Starting at $200 per minute
Live Action, Onsite and Interview Videos:
Half-Day Onsite Shoot Starting at $1,500
Full-Day Onsite Shoot
Includes director of photography, camera, sound and lighting equipment. For additional equipment, such as a teleprompter or green screen, please call to request a specific quote.
Starting at $2,000
Post-Production Editing with Text/Graphic Treatments Starting at $1,000 per minute

About Flimp Media’s Video Production Services Team and Business Model

Producing the right messaging, length and style of video is critical to marketing, sales, corporate and communications initiatives. At Flimp, we understand the importance of strengthening your brand identity with your audience and in the marketplace. With a global network of creative talent and offices in Boston, New York, Denver and Manchester, UK, we can create any style of video for you quickly and affordably. Our client list includes Fortune 500 corporations, SMB companies, technology startups, healthcare providers, universities and nonprofit organizations.

Our knowledgeable creative services team takes a hands-on approach with every project to make the process easy and enjoyable without unnecessary delays or budget overages. Our pricing and rates are transparent and much lower than if you chose to work with a traditional marketing agency. With extensive knowledge and experience, our team is able to offer valuable insights when it comes to leveraging your video content to generate positive results and increase returns on your investment. And, unlike many production houses, we DO NOT retain any license or ownership rights to the video content we produce for you. To discuss your next video project, please call Jesse Albro at 1.508.686.2802.

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We offer lots of valuable insights when it comes to video production and generating results with online video for sales, marketing, training and communications. So please don’t hesitate to email or call us to discuss your needs and objectives, or fill out the inquiry form below. You’ll be glad you did!

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