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Why Every Startup Needs an Effective Content and Video Content Marketing Plan

For your website and startup to succeed online and to garner sales and interest from the marketplace, regardless of what type of business you operate, you need to have an effective content marketing plan in place. Effective content marketing goes beyond merely incorporating SEO
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Is Video the Next Big Thing for SEO and Marketing?

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were talking about how mobile technology was advancing and the effects it was to have on changing the marketing and advertising landscape. With mobile now being the most commonly used technology by consumers, and more and
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Ways to Use Video Marketing for Sales

Only recently would you hear anyone say that there are numerous ways to use marketing videos for sales. Of course there were always television commercials, which were another type of video marketing method, but, in today’s hi-tech world, online marketing videos are altogether different.
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Should You Include Your Phone Number on Your Marketing Videos?

A video marketing strategy is an essential component of successful marketing campaigns. From television advertisements to YouTube videos, video marketing has always been popular in one form or another, and is gaining popularity in today’s digital age. So, when designing a marketing campaign, it’s
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Three Reasons To Use Video Communications for Staff Training & Education

Finding interesting ways to share important information with employees about company successes and corporate initiatives, to train employees on new products and services, and to engage staff when they are busy with day-to-day tasks can be a challenge, but one well worth addressing. Good
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Why You Should Track All Video Metrics And More On Your Website

Every interaction that takes place on a website can be recorded and viewed. This is valuable information, including video viewing metrics. But, many website owners fail to see the importance of the data produced from using analytics. Below are five reasons website owners, who
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Need a Video? Want an Idea of What It Will Cost? Try Our Video Cost Calculator

Everyone knows video is a terrific medium to showcase your products, explain complicated topics, engage audiences, draw traffic to your website, educate employees—the list is endless. In fact, according to our recent survey of marketing and business professionals, the majority of B2B organizations (96%)
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Spice Up Your Corporate Holiday Greeting with a Video Email Postcard

Every year, marketers send out the same, boring holiday greetings. Why not shake things up this year and try something different, like VIDEO? Make an impression on your audience with a fun holiday video postcard. It’s not as expensive as you may think. By
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Flimp Media Video Experts Share Production Tips for Successful Videos (Part II)

Interview conducted by Chip Arndt, EVP, Flimp Media Last week, we shared Part I of the interview with our in-house video experts. Here is the second part of that interview. Can you remind us of your full names and titles? Jesse Albro, Project Manager
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Flimp Media Video Experts Share Production Tips for Successful Videos (Part I)

Interview conducted by Chip Arndt, EVP, Flimp Media Can you confirm your full names and titles? Jesse Albro, Project Manager and Lead Video Consultant at and Jeff Fritts, Director of Creative Services at and Can you tell us about your
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