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4 Ways to Use Video to Generate More Business Leads

Is video a central feature of your current marketing efforts? If not, it should be because more online users than ever are watching videos promoting products and services. With this in mind, it’s essential to understand how to best use video marketing to generate
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Explore 5 Benefits of Office 365 Video for Your Marketing Campaigns

Your marketing team needs all the tools at its disposal to deliver an effective strategy. This means employing not just the regular networking and productivity tools but also trying the latest visual media technologies. There may be times when  video content is the only
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What to Know to Simplify Your Content and Video Production Workflows

Here at Flimp, we work with clients not only in producing videos and internal communications content but in helping them streamline the process of creating quality content for various purposes. Whether it’s creating high-quality videos for marketing purposes or generating articles and other content
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4 Ways to Enhance the Presentation of Your Corporate Video Content

You created great videos, perfect! Now, is this video content having the impact you hoped it would have on all of the people who view it? If not, you may need to supplement how you present your corporate video content to give it an
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5 Ways Video Helps You Market & Grow Your Driving Instructor Business

Many driving instructors are self-employed and most are responsible for marketing their services for driving tutelage directly. With many young people today wanting to learn how to drive, instructors often are up against a lot of competition from other independent driving instructors and larger
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Producing Video Content on Finance: 4 Ways to Make It Engaging

Maybe you are studying for a finance degree and you need to come up with a video presentation on a complex finance topic or financial product or … you are looking to create video content related to the financial industry that explains your products
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5 Key Attributes of a Successful Online Video Producer

Would you like to work as an online video producer and provide video production services to potential clients? This is a role that has emerged in recent years because of the latest developments in technology and the huge popularity of accessing and viewing video
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5 Factors to Consider to be a Successful Online Video Content Creator

Do you think you have what it takes to create online video content? The increased access to online videos from mobile devices, tablets and computers means there is a huge demand for professional online videos from companies, nonprofits and all types of organizations such
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4 Ways to Use Video Communications to Grow Your Business

Video technology is changing the way businesses operate. From employee recruitment and education & training to sales video platforms, video production and distribution & reporting methods are changing the ways HR managers communicate to employees, marketing managers communicate to businesses and consumers, and sales
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Rejuvenate Your Blog and Social Media Marketing with Video Content

Watching video on your smartphone, tablet or computer is the biggest thing since sliced bread – well, sort of – so it makes sense to give your tired, old blog a major boost of video adrenaline. Video content marketing is massive and ubiquitous, which
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