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    highlight voluntary benefits during annual enrollment

    Voluntary Benefits to Highlight During Open Enrollment

    General benefits literacy has long been lacking among America’s workforce. The pandemic has been a wakeup call for many. It’s encouraging workers to pay closer attention and employers to take greater steps in providing supplemental education. But so much of the focus of those efforts

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    decision-support tools can help replace in-person benefits fairs

    How Decision-Support Tools Can Replace Benefits Fairs

    Human resources teams are adapting annual benefits enrollment practices to meet the needs of employees impacted by the pandemic. For most companies, this means switching to digital solutions to reduce in-person interaction. One of the biggest demands is for a virtual benefits fair that can

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    having conversations around mental health are important

    The Pandemic, Mental Health and Employee Benefits

    Not everyone has had COVID-19, but the nasty little bug has affected everyone. Economic shut downs, job losses, fear of social interaction – while craving social interaction – and swinging between horror and numbness over climbing death tolls create high levels of stress. And stress

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