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How a Nationwide Employer Improved Benefits Literacy for Remote Employees

Ross Simons

Ross Simons

Director of Inbound Marketing
Flimp case study - remote employees

Challenge: Educating a Distributed Workforce About Their Benefits

A few years ago, a large nationwide employer came to Flimp with this very challenge. The company’s 20,000+ workforce includes technicians, sales reps, and customer service professionals serving customers in nearly every U.S. state. In addition, a recent acquisition brought several thousand new employees to the company.

The HR team wanted to make a positive first impression with this new group, while executing a communications campaign geared to all employees that was focused on simplifying benefits education for time-strapped workers.

Prior to partnering with Flimp, this company’s HR team had worked with a few larger firms on their benefits-communication campaigns. However, they quickly realized the larger firms’ solutions were overwhelming, costly, one size fits all and, in general, they lacked individual attention for clients.

After meeting with Flimp, however, the team concluded that they could gain the flexibility they sought without creating complex processes for HR or the employees. Flimp was also more cost effective than the larger firms, and was able to create customized campaigns for their particular challenges without the red tape of larger providers.

Solution: Engaging Multichannel Benefits Solutions via Email, Video, and Virtual Benefits Fairs

Flimp set out to help the company revamp its benefits-communication process with a simple, yet beautiful, branded Digital Postcard that could be distributed to the large employee base via email, mobile device, QR code, posters, and more. The Digital Postcard was highly engaging for employees as it helped explain specific benefits and provided resources to enrollment sites and links to further educational videos via Flimp’s HR Benefits Video Library.

  • Digital Postcards are trackable mini-microsites that combine educational videos with messaging and links to supporting information. The presentation is highly visual, mobile friendly, and digestible at a glance. Flimp’s Digital Postcards typically see engagement rates of 70% or higher.
  • Flimp’s pre-produced HR Benefits Video Library includes over 80 titles designed to demystify complicated topics and dense jargon with clear language and appealing animation. Most videos are only a few minutes long, yet packed with useful, actionable information.

With the video library, our client had an easy and affordable way to educate their employees about HSAs and other elements of their benefits package. The Digital Postcard helped the HR team announce open enrollment with a short, engaging message that put essential benefits information and resources into one on-demand location.

Leveling Up with a Virtual Benefits Fair

After the initial success of their OE comms, Flimp helped this well-known brand build on the previous season’s success by adding a Virtual Benefits Fair to the communications mix. The virtual fair allowed the company to spread awareness and build excitement for its benefits package among its distributed workforce. Team members and their families could access the fair using any device, whenever they had time.

Results: Higher Engagement, Lower Costs

Our partnership with this nationwide employer shows how moving beyond traditional outreach methods, like print and email, and incorporating imagery and video into your messaging can help HR teams connect with diverse and far-flung workforces.

The Digital Postcard, HR Benefits Video Library and Virtual Benefits Fair saved the HR team countless hours by reducing benefits presentations and Q&A sessions. But, more than that, Flimp’s tools and content:

  • Laid out a smooth onboarding path for newly acquired employees.
  • Empowered current employees to make better-informed decisions.
  • Measurably improved benefits literacy and engagement through video education and centralized resources.

Our partner also got something they didn’t expect. Flimp’s flexible, personalized communications package at a quarter of the price of the company’s previous partners.`

More Effective OE Communication for Teams of All Sizes

We used a large, nationwide employer for this example to demonstrate the power of a few simple benefits-communication tools and strategies. The great thing about Flimp’s solutions, however, is that they’re accessible to employers of all sizes. We start with a Digital Postcard or microsite template and customize it with the client’s logo, colors, and graphics or photos, then add all their unique content materials — so each piece is one of a kind.

So, whether your employees are spread out across America’s highways and byways or bunched together in the same office, Flimp has a solution to help them make better-informed enrollment decisions and to make your next open enrollment easier for HR teams and employees alike.

Benefits Comms that Reach Every Employee, Everywhere

When your employees are always on the go, communicating critical benefits information can be a significant challenge.

If you have workers traveling between worksites, making sales and service calls, and spread out nationwide, you know you can’t simply send an email and expect everyone to read it. Many employees have only a few minutes each day when they’re not helping customers or on the road. Wrangling everyone together for in-person meetings or even via video calls can be nearly impossible with today’s scheduling demands.

Large, distributed workforces tend to include diverse staffing roles, employees with different first languages, and sometimes limited access to email, which compounds the difficulty of benefits communication. The outreach strategies that resonate with office-based, white-collar employees may not land with blue-collar technicians and service personnel.

For these types of organizations, whose employee rosters may stretch into the tens of thousands, a cookie-cutter approach won’t do. Benefits communications must be bite-sized, while still conveying the essentials. And the messaging and style must be tailored for a diverse workforce.

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