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Custom Video Production Services for Sales, Marketing and Corporate Communications

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Video AgencyPersonalized video production agency services
Get noticed with great video content.
Our talented video project managers
make sure your production objectives
are met on time and within budget.
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Start the Conversation with Prospects Using a Video Sales Pitch Before You Make a Phone Call

Engage and prioritize your prospects
with a tracked video sales pitch sent
from your personal email account
before following up by phone.
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Video BrochuresImprove sales results with tracked video email brochures
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Corporate Video and Multimedia Communications Services and Software Solutions

Video Communications Flimp Media
Multimedia CommunicationsVideo & multimedia communications
Video and multimedia solutions for
HR & corporate communications
that generate higher engagement
rates and better understanding.
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You have come to the right place! We are industry experts at using online video and multimedia content with tracking and reporting to generate results. Our friendly, customer centric team has tons of valuable insights and experience to share when it comes to video marketing, sales and communications. So please don’t hesitate to email or call us to discuss your specific needs and to get a quote or proposal. You’ll be glad you did!

For video production, contact Jesse Albro at 508.686.2802 () or Liz Greenwood 508.686-2807 ().
For video marketing, sales or communications services and software solutions contact Chip Arndt at 508.435. 4310 ().

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Online Video Production & Marketing Agency Services

Flimp Agency, a division of Flimp Media provides affordable video marketing and custom video production services to a wide range of companies and corporations throughout North America and the UK. Flimp customers include Fortune 500 corporations, startup technology businesses, healthcare and insurance providers and many B2B sales companies. We specialize in the creating business sales and communications videos used to engage and educate prospects, customers, employees and channel partners. Each video creative project is assigned an experienced video project manager that works closely with you to ensure a smooth production process, fast turnaround and successful outcome.

Online Video & Multimedia Communications Services

Flimp Communications, a division of Flimp Media specializes in corporate video and multimedia communications. We offer large employers and benefits brokers licensed videos, software and campaign services for employee benefits communications, wellness programs, new hire onboarding, corporate development and compliance training. Our video communications software makes it easy to create, distribute and track interactive video postcards and multimedia microsites that engage employees and target audiences while reporting valuable campaign performance data in real time. Our video postcard enrollment campaigns generate an average of 78 percent employee engagement rates.


Episend Video Sales & Marketing Software Platform

Episend enables salespeople to engage and qualify prospects with trackable videos, video postcards and video brochures that pitch your company’s products and services in a compelling and consistent way. Complimenting Episend, we offer end to end video marketing services and production of sales videos for B2B companies. Episend increases sales engagement rates by 2-3X using a powerful combination of video and multimedia content, in depth tracking and personalization. The Episend software is used by inside sales and account management teams to effectively introduce and pitch new products and services to prospects using video.

Engage Audiences with Trackable Video Postcards

Improve audience engagement and response results with trackable video and multimedia communications. See our examples of trackable video postcards and video microsites used for corporate, HR and employee benefits communication. We specialize in creating engaging videos, A/V presentations and multimedia microsites for corporate communications, employee benefits enrollment and new hire onboarding. Our cloud based video and multimedia communications software is easy to use and requires no programming or IT department involvement. Employee video postcard and microsite campaigns average over 90 percent response rates.