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Episend® Multimedia Communications and Online Video Marketing Software

Meet Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Media
Meet Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Media
Episend® is a cloud video + multimedia
software platform that drives higher
engagement rates than video alone for
sales, marketing and communications.


Add Instant Email Tracking, Large File Sharing and 1-to-1 Video Content Marketing to Your Outlook Email Account

Content Marketing Software

The Episend® Outlook plug-for B2B sales turns your personal email account into a one-to-one sales prospecting machine by enabling instant tracking and follow up of emails, shared files, marketing videos, and interactive video brochures. Now your salespeople can message and engage prospects with trackable videos, video microsites and video brochures that effectively present your company’s products and services in a compelling and consistent way to customers and new prospects.  Episend increases sales engagement rates by 2-3X with the powerful combination of dynamic video content, instant tracking and personalization. Episend eliminates SPAM filter blocking and stripping of large email file attachments and enables trackable sharing of files up to 2 GB in size. Try a free demo account to compare Episend results to the  costly, complex marketing automation approach to B2B sales engagement.

Video + Multimedia Communications

Trackable Video Emails and Multimedia Communications That Generate Over 70% Engagement and Response Rates

Video Communications & Training

The Episend® video and multimedia communications software is already used successfully for employee and channel partner communications by many large well known US corporations. With Episend software makes it easy to quickly create, distribute and track branded, interactive video microsites and video email postcards for internal or external communications without any programming or IT department involvement. The many case study results show extraordinary engagement and response rates. Average employee engagement rates for Episend video postcard email campaigns exceed 75 percent and response rates typically exceed 90 percent. The software is easy to use and instantly collects and reports detailed viewer data for compliance communications and training. Users get valuable insights into how employees are interacting with and responding to HR, benefits and executive communications.


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About Flimp Video Marketing Agency Services

Flimp Media provides turnkey video marketing and communications agency solutions as well as video production services to a wide range of companies and nonprofit organizations throughout North America. Customers include Fortune 500 companies, technology businesses, healthcare and insurance providers, B2B sales and marketing, and consumer products and services companies. We specialize in the production of online sales, marketing and corporate communications videos used to engage and educate prospects, customers, employees, and channel partners. Our Episend video marketing & communications software makes it easy to create, host, distribute and track engaging video and multimedia content like interactive video brochures, video microsites, video postcards and video landing pages with no programming or IT support.

HR Video Communications and Training Solutions

Flimp Media specializes in the production of branded corporate and employee communications videos, employee training videos and trackable video microsites for large employers, healthcare providers and financial services companies. Our Episend Video+Multimedia Communications Platform makes it easy to create, distribute and track interactive video postcards and multimedia microsites for employee, investor and channel partner communications and online video training. We provide communications clients with turnkey campaign solutions, including scripting, concepting, video production, audiovisual presentations, web design, email delivery, tracking, reporting and compliance training. Our video postcard communications campaigns delivered by internal email and intranet sites generate an average of 79 percent employee engagement rates. Contact us to learn more.