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Flimp Media offers a range of video
and multimedia creative services
and software for content marketing,
training and web communications.
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Meet Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Media
Meet Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Media
Online marketing videos
Online Marketing Videos
B2B and corporate online video marketing
Animated Explainer Videos
Employee benefits and online training videos
Training /Communications
Multimedia and content marketing software
Video Sales and Marketing

Online Video Production


We specialize in the scripting and production of high quality, affordable online videos for business marketing, B2B sales, corporate communications, employee benefits and online training. Browse through our client examples to see a wide range of video styles.

Video Marketing Software

Content Marketing SoftwareFLIMP 5 FEATURES AND BENEFITS

Using our software, anyone can quickly create, edit, host and distribute custom video players, video brochures, video landing pages and video microsites with instant viewer tracking for inbound and outbound marketing, communications, training and sales prospecting.


Employee Communications

Video Communications & Training 18 EMPLOYER CASE STUDIES

We help dozens of top companies communicate with and train employees more effectively using online video, video presentations, video email postcards and video microsites. Our video communications campaigns average over 75 percent employee engagement rates.

Video Marketing Services


We offer innovative video and multimedia content marketing solutions that dramatically increase prospect engagement, sales lead generation, and lead conversion like mobile video marketing, video email marketing, video SEO, video landing pages and video brochures.

Effective Solutions for Video Marketing, Communications, Training and Sales

Flimp 5 video content marketing software

Flimp Media is a leading developer of cloud based video and multimedia software and service solutions for video content marketing, sales lead generation, employee benefits communications, online training and eLearning. We have a diverse customer base including many Fortune 500 companies, SMB’s, technology startups, health care and financial services companies, universities and nonprofits. Our core strength is our ability to combine high quality creative video and multimedia production with seamless content hosting, distribution, and real time tracking in order to deliver tangible, measurable direct marketing and direct communications results. Using our Flimp® 5 and Episend® cloud software platforms, anyone can create, manage, host, distribute and track multimedia video brochures, microsites, landing pages, and custom video players that render perfectly on all mobile devices and track viewers through integrated website, video email and social media marketing. For more information about our products and services, please call 1.508.686.2802.