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Flimp’s 2022-23 Open Enrollment Case Study and Trends Report Sees Employee-Engagement Rate Reach 74 Percent with Use of Tech-Enabled HR Solutions

Heather Bliss

Heather Bliss

Open Enrollment Report 2023 - 2024 - Cover 2

August 15, 2023
Boston, MA

Fourth-annual report analyzes 250 digital benefits-communication campaigns that touched nearly 775,000 employees with targeted OE messaging, educational videos and other trackable content

Flimp Communications, a leading provider of employee benefits communication and decision-support solutions, today revealed the results of its 2022-23 Open Enrollment Case Study and Trends Report. The report includes data gathered in the 2022-23 open enrollment season* from 255 digital campaigns created in the Flimp platform to target close to 775,000 employees. Spanning over a dozen industries, the report demonstrates the value that trackable digital communications provide in driving employee-benefits appreciation to in-office, remote and mobile workforces. 

This year, Flimp’s flagship product, Digital Postcards, generated an average campaign engagement rate of 74 percent. In addition, more campaigns included more videos and offered decision-support tools, like PLANselect, to employees to ease the burden of questions that HR teams typically face during OE. The use of Virtual Benefits Fairs, Employee Resource Centers or Benefits Showcases was also on the rise, increasing by 73 percent this year, demonstrating movement toward using more robust technology solutions to deliver even more benefits information. Mobile access to campaigns via QR codes also increased to 84 percent,** while overall mobile-device views saw continued growth, reaching 18 percent in 2022-23. It’s no surprise that these always-accessible microsites gained traction this year with businesses experiencing a marked shift to more hybrid, remote and flexible workplaces. 

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Zooming in on the industry data, the Information Technology sector saw 91 percent engagement on its OE campaigns. New entrants to the report, the Oil, Energy and Utilities sectors impressed with 84 percent average engagement, followed closely by Comms, Telecomms, Media and Broadcasting with 76 percent. The Construction vertical dropped down a spot from last year, with the second-highest engagement rate of 87 percent.

Employee Resource Centers, Showcases, Virtual Benefits Fairs and Digital Postcards provide a unique and effective way to educate employees with multimedia content that compels them to engage with their benefits materials. These microsites, built on Flimp’s cloud-based platform, come complete with tracking capabilities, and offer HR and benefits managers the best way to educate employees about their benefits. Content built on Flimp’s platform can be self-serviced, or managed by Flimp, and easily distributed through multiple channels such as email, text, QR codes, custom links and/or embed code. 

OE Engagement Report Highlights at a Glance:

  • Average Engagement Rate: 74%
  • Average Engagement for First-Time Use of Digital Postcards: 89%
  • Average Time on Content: 2 minutes, 26 seconds
  • Total Campaigns: 255
  • Total Targeted Employees: 774,845
  • Total Actions Taken: 413,803 (includes video views)
  • Average Response Rate: 1.0 actions per view
  • Average Mobile Views: 18%

Employee-Engagement Rates by Industry:

  • Information Technology: 91% 
  • Construction: 87% 
  • Oil, Energy, Utilities: 86% (new)
  • Comms, Telecomms, Media and Broadcasting: 76% (new)
  • Government/Municipality: 69%
  • Banking and Financial Services: 69% 
  • Education: 69% 
  • Healthcare: 71%
  • Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism: 49% 
  • Manufacturing: 59% 
  • Consumer Products and Retail: 42%
"This year’s report includes engagement data from our largest group yet and includes actionable insights from over three-quarters of a million employees. In addition to the expected rise of QR codes and texting in campaigns, the data shows a steady increase in the use of Benefits Showcases with Digital Postcards. This isn’t unexpected as HR leaders are turning to more robust tech-enabled solutions to keep shorter attention spans engaged with benefits information throughout the year.”
Wayne Wall
Founder and CEO, Flimp Communications

Notable Trends in Open Enrollment Communications:

  • Digital Postcards saw a steady uptick with an engagement rate of 74 percent, while more people accessed benefits details via mobile devices, 18 percent. 
  • Countdown clocks made their debut in the report this year. They were used to emphasize the importance of reminding employees of the time they have left to make benefits decisions and were included in more than 16 percent of OE campaigns, reaching almost 100,000 employees.
  • Video continues to help improve benefits understanding, and is especially useful for self-paced learning. Of the 255 benefits campaigns, more than 1000 videos were used. 
  • Decision-support tools average engagement rate was 73 percent this year with a mobile rate of 16 percent.
  • QR codes use in campaigns nearly doubled over last year.
Some of the world’s most recognized brands leveraged Flimp Communications’ solutions for open enrollment in 2022 including Swire Coca-Cola, NPR, and United Rentals.
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For more information or to sign up for a communication-strategy session in advance of open enrollment, visit: 

About Flimp Communications

Flimp Communications is a leading provider of employee benefits communication and decision-support solutions for employers, consultants, enrollers and insurance providers. Our dynamic, SaaS-based platform offers an array of technology-driven services designed to engage, educate and empower employees, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding employer-sponsored healthcare, wellness programs, insurance benefits and financial well-being. Flimp serves more than 1,000 corporate clients across nearly every industry, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies. For more information, please visit

* Annual benefits enrollment periods falling within 2022 calendar year

** Note Flimp’s QR code tracking references campaigns for Flimp-created QR codes and not those created by clients.

Media Contact:
Heather Bliss
for Flimp Communications 
P: 888.612.3881

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