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Employee Benefits and Compensation

Give your employees everything they need in an on-demand, mobile-friendly microsite to educate them about their benefit programs and make it easy to share with family and enroll.

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New-Hire Onboarding and Training

New employees require lots of training and education as they’re learning their new jobs. Digital postcards provide access to important resources, documents and enrollment sites.

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Talent Development and Education

Continuous education and development is needed to keep employees at the top of their games. Using digital postcards to combine multiple videos and resources makes accessing this information quick and easy.

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Corporate Health and Financial Wellness

Organizations must disseminate information to employees and other internal audiences on a wide range of topics, including financial, managerial, wellness programs and myriad other corporate initiatives.

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How Do Videos Relate to Digital Postcards?

Flimp’s interactive digital postcards are like microsites that combine your videos with supporting information. Your message is presented on a uniquely designed background with your video(s), branding, imagery, linked resources and options for additional tools like decision support. Direct access to enrollment sites, benefits portals, hosted documents and other helpful materials gives your workforce an on-demand resource to enhance learning, improve engagement and increase response.

  • Send by email, text message, QR code, weblink or embed online
  • On-demand access from any mobile device
  • No IT or marketing assistance required
  • Easy content updates without redistributing
  • Real-time engagement and response tracking

Send Yourself a Digital Postcard

Curious to see how a digital postcard can be distributed by email? Just fill in this form and hit SEND NOW to see for yourself. You can view it on any computer, laptop or mobile device.

What Makes Us Different?


Using our proprietary cloud-based software, we create, distribute and track unique, custom-branded communications campaigns for clients:

  • Flimp digital postcards include: hosting, unlimited video streaming, tracking and several distribution options
  • Other video options: chaptering, closed captioning, embedding and more
  • QR codes integrate online and offline efforts – print posters, flyers can be scanned so the content can be accessed by mobile devices


We do all the work for you. Just send us your branding guidelines, colors, messaging and any resources you want linked in your digital postcard. We’ll provide distribution options, best practices and links to tracking reports.

  • Instant updates of hosted documents throughout the year without the need for redistribution
  • Multiple distribution options: internal email, custom URL, embed code, social media, text message, QR code, linked thumbnail/graphic
  • Reporting by campaign and distribution channel