NEW! Benefits-Enrollment Communications Case Study Report

This summary report highlights the results from 100+ 2018 campaigns to more than 250,000 employees. The average employee engagement rate from these campaigns was 74%.

Digital Employee Video Communications Report

This 2017 report presents statistical engagement and response data from 200 campaigns to more than 875,000 employees. The average employee engagement rate from these campaigns was 76%.

Problem Solved: Preparing for Annual Benefits Enrollment

This report provides helpful advice for some common problem areas around annual benefits enrollment and what you can do to address those issues as you begin to plan for and communicate about open enrollment to your employees.

Best Practices for Employee Communications Campaigns

We’ve compiled helpful advice for our clients to ensure successful communications campaigns with their employees. It contains tips for the email copy, who should send it, how often it should be sent and more. It’s focused on benefits open enrollment, however, the principles apply to any HR initiative.

Webinar: Five Digital Tactics for a Successful Open Enrollment

This on-demand webinar demonstrates how hundreds of innovative companies are improving their benefits open enrollment communications. Learn how to use engaging video to educate employees about the valuable benefits you offer, help employees choose health plans and drive enrollment in HDHPs and HSAs, think beyond open enrollment to new hires and more.

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