How to Lower Employee Turnover in Your Organization

Jeff Daniels | | Employee Communications

employee turnover meetingHaving a company that has a low employee turnover rate not only looks good to prospects, it helps set a solid foundation for the growth of your business. Constantly bringing new employees aboard will prevent you from establishing a family working towards one goal—your company’s vision. Frequent staff turnover means educating new employees instead of building the team you already have. It’s vital to have employees that know both your history and your goals for the future, so proper steps are taken to reach your expectations. Here are a couple tips to help reduce employee turnover in your organization.

Hire Great Leaders to Manage Employees

One of the top reasons employees leave a company is because of the managers that work directly over them. If you don’t have managers able to use effective employee communications, then your mission will fail before it launches. Leaders should show appreciation for a job well done and should know how to motivate and improve employee productivity.

Don’t Keep Reorganizing

Companies that reorganize every six to nine months tend to have lots of layoffs, managers get transferred to different departments and things tend to get renamed. Reorganizing often can make employees feel like they can’t establish meaningful roots in your organization, which is what you want them to do. Stability is an important factor for both new and existing employees.

Don’t Create Negative Competition

Not everyone enjoys a high-stress environment that involves competing with other departments within the company. Surveys show stress is a big reason for employee turnover. While, there is no problem with healthy competition, making it overly competitive can cause employees to give up, rather than go all out to come in on top. If that’s what you’re looking for, then make sure to screen applicants thoroughly to ensure that they have that spirit.

Offer Plenty of Support

Employees like to work in companies that care about them and their growth. With effective employee communications, you can get to know them, their goals and expectations. This enables them to grow within your company, rather than explore other options. Simply sit down and talk with employees about their plans and how to improve or use the skills they possess in ways that can also benefit your organization. After all, some of your employees will likely become managers in your business some day. Hiring management internally helps lower employee turnover because it fosters hope of one day reaching a management position.

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