We specialize in creating interactive new-hire onboarding videos and employee benefits presentations in a variety of engaging styles. Choose from animated, motion graphic or presentation-style videos that are custom branded and tailored to meet your communication objectives and budget. All videos and web portals come with hosting, chaptering and heatmap tracking.

We Offer a Range of New-Hire Video Options

Basic, Templated

Enhanced, Customized

Presentation, PowerPoint

Premium, Fully Custom

Employee-Orientation Explainer Videos

Choose your preferred video style, send us your brand guidelines, select a voice talent and the topic modules you need, then edit our starter scripts. We do the rest of the work with your input.

"Enhanced" New-Hire Video Examples

Slide-Based Presentation Videos

Educate your new hires about the valuable benefits you offer by transforming your PowerPoint deck into HD video with our conversion services. These videos are a cost-effective alternative to animated, motion-graphic videos. We offer three options, all of which include professional voice over, chaptering, hosting and tracking. Our "Custom Creative" includes graphic design to take your visuals up to a new level. If you don't have a slide deck, you can use ours with the "Branded Template" option.

"Custom Creative" Video Examples

"Branded Template" Video Examples

"Straight Conversion" Video Examples

Fully Custom "Premium" Video Production

We specialize in custom animated, motion graphics and whiteboard-style employee communications videos that match your corporate branding.

"Premium" New-Hire Video Examples

Animated Characters

Whiteboard and Images

Stock Photos and Motion Graphics

On-Camera Executive

Pre-Produced "Basic" Video Library

Our library of pre-produced videos will further educate your new employees on a range of common HR and healthcare topics. All are now available in Spanish.

"Basic" Educational Videos for Licensing

Digital Postcards Engage Employees, Enhance Learning and Drive Response

Our digital postcards deliver your messaging in a unique, engaging way. With videos and links to related resources, employees have everything they need to make their onboarding experience a success and to learn about and enroll in their benefit programs.

  • No IT or marketing assistance required 
  • On-demand access from any mobile device 
  • Deliver by email, text, QR code, link or embedding 
  • Real-time tracking of engagement and response 
  • Hosted content and links can be updated instantly

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    Thanks for your visit today. Please only get in touch or schedule a demo if you are interested in our communications solutions. Flimp Communications does not provide counselling or advice related to health and medical plans, insurance in general, other benefits that your employer offers, or related tax consequences. If you have questions about these topics and how they work, please contact a representative from your employer's human resources department.