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The Invaluable Consistency of Employee Benefits Resource Portals

Lauryn Nosek

Lauryn Nosek

hr portals and microsites

Humans are creatures of habit and routine. Consistency and reliability are reassuring. Even little changes like the coffee cart moving to a different hallway can throw employees off and send productivity into a downward spiral. Having an employee benefits resource portal that’s consistent for the entire team—whether they’re new hires in the middle of onboarding or tenured employees approaching open enrollment season—is invaluable for helping to improve enrollment rates and employee engagement with benefits materials.

The resource portal is a common reference point for all staff. Keeping everything relevant in one place and accessible to all means that when the time comes, everyone involved is already familiar with the digital space and materials. A common employee portal organizes everyone in the same way.

Building a Benefits Resource Portal

example employee benefits resource center

The best resource portals don’t just compile everything employees need; they organize it. Administrative and internal resources like access to intranet portals and holiday or vacation calendars can be grouped with links to time clocks, team contact details and email. Other resources can be grouped by what they are—account logins, benefits guides, product manuals or catalogues, vendor lists, educational or training video libraries and more. Click here or on the thumbnail to view a live example.

While some resources are specific to a worker’s department, all employees need to know about and access their benefits information. An employee portal makes it easier to communicate about employee benefits year round, instead of concentrating your messaging efforts in that brief window leading up to open enrollment or dumping everything on new hires when they’re already suffering from information overload.

Providing a resource portal can also give time back to your human resources department by answering the simple and redundant benefits questions that take the most time and reducing the need for consultations. Those seeking advice also have a firmer understanding when one-on-one meetings are still necessary, saving everyone time and making those meetings more productive.

What Should You Include in a Benefits Resource Portal and How Do You Build It?

example employee benefits resource centerThere are several key benefits materials and resources that everyone needs, so make sure to include them in your employee portal.

● Links to enrollment portals, intranets, and partner healthcare sites

● Benefits presentation overview

● Healthcare and supplemental benefits guides

● Educational video library

● Human resources contact information and advice

Click here or the thumbnail to view another live example with a widescreen layout.

The technology that powers our flexible and innovative digital postcards can be used to create any kind of custom-branded landing page or employee portal. They can be shared and accessed in a range of ways including from mobile devices and tablets. This provides your workforce with invaluable consistency wherever and whenever they’re working, and in the case of benefits, access from home where they can share materials with their families as they make their election decisions.

If you have updates to documents, you can easily update it within our platform without redistributing either the document or the resource portal to your workforce. Any changes you make—replacing existing documents or adding new ones—are immediately available to all, ensuring everyone always has the most up-to-date resources at their disposal. Our employee portals can be customized, branded and tracked with real-time reporting that let you know the resources your employees access the most, which can provide insight into areas where employees might require additional training.

Beyond Benefits –  Multiple Resource Portals Can Be Created for Specific Teams

Resource portals can be structured or tailored for different departments. The materials accounting needs regularly are almost certainly different from what IT, human resources and sales require most often. Keeping digital copies of key documents in a resource portal can help reduce printing costs. Whether it’s avoiding the larger costs of printing thick manuals that gather dust on the desk or the more cumulative costs of paper, ink and toner cartridges, it’s easier to make and share changes to those documents when updating and distribution are immediate and universal. Such specialized employee portals also make training easier for new hires and their managers because both groups are working from the same starting point.

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