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Employee Benefits Communication

Automated New-Hire Orientation: Where HR and Video Fit In

New-hire orientation is a difficult process to do well. HR teams working on employee onboarding initiatives, especially in a time when new generations of workers are entering the office and bringing different attitudes and values with them, must set employees up for success as efficiently

benefits communication
Employee Benefits Communication

How to Improve Employee Benefits Communication and Enrollment

Benefits brokers often have to compete for the attention of employees seeking benefits. There are many ways employees get distracted and often put off signing up for benefits until open enrollment is nearly over. Investing in employee benefits communication initiatives can help bring your employees

employee video communications and a global workforce
Employee Engagement

Employee Communication Videos Make It Easy to Engage a Global Workforce

Distributed workplaces are becoming more… well, distributed. We’re including workers from locations all over the world in our work groups, enabling them to collaborate and communicate with each other in real time through better employee communication videos and HR videos technology. With teams distributed across

employee engagement
Employee Engagement

A Guide to HR Presentations and How Employee Engagement Videos Fit

Human resources experts should give HR presentations to share their knowledge and their perspective with their organization and its leaders to help keep everyone working together and advance their careers. When your HR department becomes known for a few change leaders, a few experts in

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Employee Communications

Employee Engagement Videos: Providing Purpose on the Cloud

Employee engagement videos have revolutionized the way human resource departments conduct business. If part of HR’s job is to ensure all employees have the ability to collaborate and communicate with each other and their superiors, then employee engagement software is a vital tool to open

employee communications
Employee Communications

Employee Communications: Video’s Value Beyond Engagement

Employee communications programs and initiatives these days rely increasingly on video communication to drive employee engagement. No doubt your organization was spooked by the low employee engagement numbers coming out every year, revealing over half of your employees don’t feel engaged at work. So you

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Employee Training Videos

2019: What’s New in Video Communications

A video communications system is no longer just a tool for big companies. Welcome to 2019. According to the Business Dictionary, video is a “visual multimedia source that combines a sequence of images to form a moving picture.” People tend to think of video as

HR training and compliance
Employee Training Videos

How New HR Training and Compliance Programs Can Improve in 2019

Let’s start this blog post by saying that I have no idea what 2019 specifically holds for HR training and compliance programs – nor does anyone else. If I were that prescient, I’d invest in lottery tickets and hit the beach. However, there are some

developing an employee training program
Employee Engagement

Employee Training Programs: Why Video Is Ideal

Employee training is both the great panacea and the scapegoat for underperformance and workplace problems like harassment, bullying and incivility. When training programs are well crafted, they do much more than give employees the basic tools to succeed at your company: they foster better teamwork,

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Employee Engagement

Holiday Spirit: Boost Employee Engagement by Giving Back

Maintaining employee engagement is as difficult through the winter holiday season as it is during the summer, and for many similar reasons. Some workers are taking time off to travel or spend time with their families leaving others to assist with responsibilities they may not

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